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If you are looking to replace your kitchen cabinets you already know that the options out there are basically endless. While some situations work well with stock and semi-custom cabinetry, custom cabinetry can work for all situations. Below are some of the basic advantages and misconceptions regarding custom cabinetry.

Custom cabinetry is made to fit your house. Your walls probably aren’t perfect, and your doors and windows probably aren’t perfectly laid out for stock cabinet sizes. My cabinets can be made to any size, any height, and are designed to be scribed and fitted to your space.  No useless filler strips, no gaps, no extra mouldings to hide variations.

Are custom cabinets expensive? I build my cabinets to fit your budget small, or large. My cabinetry is typically very competitive with quality semi-custom cabinetry especially if you add in the often overlooked extras. Finished ends, island panels, fridge panels, mouldings, toe kicks, etc. and installation is always included in my quotes.

Customer Service. I design, build, finish, and install all my cabinetry. If you have any questions or concerns you call me and talk to me, try that with a box store, or distributer. There is no middle man, no markup, no sales commission. I do my best to ensure you get exactly what you want and you are 100% satisfied with the finished product.

Options. The options for my cabinetry are essentially limitless. Door styles, draw sizes, cabinet depths, custom finishes. I offer custom pullouts, and organizers. I offer one of a kind kitchen islands designed specifically for you.

Appliances & Fixtures. I build my cabinetry to the exact specifications to fit your appliances perfectly in any configuration. Built-in ovens, refrigerators, apron front sinks, etc. I have built and install hundreds of the units, and no one’s specifications have been the same. Most appliances will not fit well or even fit in stock size cabinets.

Locally sourced materials. All of my lumber and wood products are supplied by local distributors and are sourced from responsibly managed USA forestry’s. All hardware is manufactured in the USA and supplied by local distributors.  

Why custom?

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