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       I began working in the trades when I was about 16 years old, and over the years have done just about everything when it comes to residential construction. I was lucky enough to have a large extended family that worked in the trades and picked up a little bit of knowledge from everyone. I was also lucky enough to be able to work and learn from a number of great contractors and builders that built the right way. I started on my own doing smaller remodeling jobs and some sub-contracting for builders. After a few years of working with and installing stock and semi-custom cabinetry I found that a lot of the manufactures left something to be desired. Whether it was inconsistencies in the finishes, damages from shipping, or just plain cheap construction there was always something that just wasn’t up to my standards. All that coupled with a premium price tag was just getting old. At that point I had a few bathrooms lined up and decided that I was going to build the vanities for these projects. I started with a basic contractor table saw, a shop built router table, and a cheap finish gun. I put together a few cherry vanities and was hooked. I found that I could produce a premium quality product, and make a reasonable profit while staying competitive with the stock pieces I had been installing. Ultimately one vanity lead to another which lead to a kitchen and I’ve been building cabinetry ever since. Thanks to a lot of reading, some helpful professionals in the industry, and great local suppliers I’ve continued to grow my business into what it is today. I’m always refining my process, and upgrading my equipment to produce a higher quality product at competitive prices.  With your help I hope to continue to grow my business and keep improving the efficiency of my shop. All that said, no matter how much my business grows in the future I always plan to be on the floor building every project, and ensuring that the quality & customer service never slips.

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Nathan Kostiew

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